Proper builders, reliably sourced

A better way for you to source builders?

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The architect’s challenge of finding reliable builders is one as old as the profession itself.

Finding just one contractor with the vision to turn your ideas into reality is a rare find. Replicating this in all the locations where you have developments is a struggle that can seriously affect a firm’s efficiency and profitability.

If a client hands you the responsibility for choosing a builder, the output of your recommendation can represent your studio as much as that of your own employees. The difference is that traditionally you aren’t able to put them through the same careful vetting process. Instead, you have to assess them based on word of mouth recommendation or unregulated online reviews. This makes the process of identifying the ideal builder a tightrope walk.


When you source contractors online, it’s almost impossible to know which ones are the real deal. There’s no way of knowing, for example, if rave reviews have come from someone with a vested interest in their business, or from a homeowner who isn’t qualified to judge a construction professional in the same way that you would. And equally, there’s nothing to say the builders with bad reviews – the ones you avoid – haven’t just been tarred and feathered by a competitor in the industry.

The truth is, there’s only one type of person best placed to assess builders, and that’s an architect who has worked with them personally. Not only do they abide by the ARB code of conduct, but they also have a unique insight into what sets great builders apart from the rest. In short, they’re as impartial as they are knowledgeable.


Emerging digital builder sourcing tools, such as Weaver, are leveraging this depth of experience. This means they are no longer just providing a list of available builders in the area: they’re promoting those who have been approved by design professionals. This, in turn, makes the better online sourcing platforms an invaluable pipeline of work for the builders themselves – ensuring they deliver the quality of work that will maintain their own reputation.

With online builder sourcing, then, architects are able to source peer-approved builders more quickly and more confidently. And as this tech is leveraged increasing numbers of industry innovators, it looks set to create faster, more efficient project launches, and secure the reputations and profitability of bold architecture studios along the way.