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Technology is providing architects with new, more reliable methods for sourcing builders.

No matter how great your ideas, they’ll only reach their full potential if you work with the right people.

This means finding builders who hit the mark every time you put your reputation on the line. And that’s why new methods for sourcing those you can trust, without having to put hours into looking for them, are proving so valuable for leading studios.


What is online builder sourcing?

Online builder sourcing is a way of tapping into a pool of reliable builders and making a quick, informed decision about which of them is right for your project.

When you source builders online, you’ll look up contractors with the skills and availability you need on one digital marketplace, rather than making loads of phone calls with crossed fingers. You’ll see a breakdown of their experience, and ratings from design professionals they’ve worked with previously.


How does online builder sourcing with Weaver work?

Once you’ve submitted your project details with us, you get a list of carefully vetted builders who fit your criteria. You can see where they’re based and what other kinds of project they’ve completed, as well as reviews written by other professional users.

All our builders are handpicked based on their reliability, experience and technical expertise, and as we’re a core part of their business pipeline, they hold themselves to particularly high standards. Plus, we get references from at least two architects each builder has worked within the past – based on their ability to manage time, remain on budget and communicate effectively.

Once you’ve chosen the builders you prefer, you can send over a notification asking them to complete the tender process. If they decide to accept the tender, you’ll then be able to give them access to the project dashboard – where they can find the information they need to quote on the build.

What are the advantages of online builder sourcing?

  • Get competitive quotes: Open up your project to a variety of builders who work to different timeframes and costs.

  • Get things moving quickly: We have a wide pool of UK-based builders, so there’s always someone available when you need them.

  • Meet builders you can trust: All our builders are vetted extensively by our in-house experts and endorsed by at least two architects.

  • Find specialists and experts: Our builders have a diverse range of skills, specialising in everything from listed buildings to property extensions.

  • Save yourself time: We do all the essential financial checks for you, from insolvency company history to valid insurance documents