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Frequently Asked Questions.


Why would I use Weaver?

If you're a design professional who has a project that’s ready to tender out to a list of builders. Homeowners can also use Weaver once they have their designs ready to be built out.

What does Weaver offer?

  1. Introduction to super-qualified Weaver builders for individual projects matched for availability, skillset and location

  2. Software for managing the builder through the tender process

  3. Analysing tender returns & highlighting areas for negotiation

  4. Support when engaging a Weaver builder

Is the Weaver service free of charge?

Once a contract is agreed between the homeowner and a Weaver builder, the builder is debited a software charge by the Weaver platform. The homeowner or designer does not pay anything.

How do you qualify Weaver builders?

We're extremely picky at Weaver. Only 1 in 10 builders make it through our industry-defining vetting process, at the heart of which are scores awarded by design professionals.

Our checks reduce the following risks normally associated with a “low grade” builder:

  1. Historical bankruptcies & risky company history

  2. Insufficient construction experience

  3. Inability to manage complex construction work

  4. Poor construction quality

  5. Poor communication skills

  6. Poor administrative technical capabilities

  7. Poor time management

  8. Inability to remain on construction budget

Why are Weaver builders more accountable?

Weaver builders are more reliable because they depend on their long term Weaver relationship and a maintained reputation, in order to obtain a continuous pipeline of high quality projects.

Can I trust you?

Although we are an online service and our matching service is powered by an algorithm, Weaver is run by humans!

Our founding team have over 20 years combined experience in construction project management and design with RICS and CIOB qualifications.