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Case Study:
Venta Construction

Pier, Managing Director of Venta Construction, chose Weaver so he could find better projects for his construction company.

Pier was fed up being listed on portals, with membership & lead fees, that drove too many customers with low budgets, who weren't ready or had no documents to price against.

With Weaver, Pier saves time & money only pricing jobs he's interested in and only pays when he wins a contract.

Pier's Weaver profile:


With Weaver, Pier is guaranteed introductions to architect-led projects with a limited number of of other builders pricing, giving him a high chance of success on each tender.

In addition, thanks to Weaver's checks, Pier knows that the tenders are run fairly so no more undercutting games!


Venta Construction stats.


won in 2018

£1,800,000 WON
of construction value with Weaver

£8,000 SAVED
on reduced tendering costs since joining


Next steps. 


1. Architect References

• Part of our promise to architects is that we only introduce contractors who have been architect-reviewed

• We ask for at least 2x architect references (or other design professionals)

2. Get Project Leads

• You’ll have a chance to tell us what type of projects you want (and don't want!)

• We have partnered with 100's of architects who have a pipeline of live projects to suit your preferences

• Our projects always have a full tender pack and clear start dates

3. Agree Our Terms

• We will send you our User Promise which sets out a fair method to work together for all parties tendering

• Sign up to our easy payment form (remember you only pay for projects you win)

• Pricing document (click to expand)




4. Get Tendering

• You’ll be able to receive and accept new projects on the go via WhatsApp / SMS

• Our bespoke software will allow you to communicate with the tender parties easily


Ready to find your next project with Weaver?

Kick off the next step by entering 2 architects you have previously worked with as references. Other design professional references we accept: quantity surveyors, structural engineers, building surveyors, building control inspectors & interior designers.

As soon as we have spoken with your references and gone through our checks we can get you set up on our system to receive projects!

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