Proper builders, reliably sourced

A. The Builder Promise

  1. Accept a tender if the return deadline is achievable at that point

  2. Communicate questions on the tender information in a timely manner

  3. Provide a realistic programme and a mobilisation date

  4. Submit a pricing schedule that includes all the details included in the tender pack as well as any other reasonable assumptions for the works listed

  5. Agree to enter into a fair standard construction contract

  6. Complete the Weaver vetting process and maintain the competencies, team experience and financial requirements to undertake the project

  7. Maintain sufficient and appropriate insurances in place

B. The Architect Promise

  1. Submit complete tender information including a pricing schedule in Excel format

  2. Submit a budget and tender return schedule that is realistic

  3. Notify Weaver if the numbers of builders engaged in the tender exceeds 5

  4. Communicate changes to tender information promptly and to all tenderers at the same time

  5. Give tenderers feedback on tender submissions in a timely, constructive and unbiased fashion

C. The Weaver Promise

  1. Ensure builders pass our industry defining vetting process prior to entering into a tender

  2. Report to parties information promptly any information which may be material to the tendering process

  3. Only manage projects that have a live requirement where users have the authority to engage a contractor

  4. Ensure tender information is kept private and secure

  5. Remain unbiased and not to enter into direct negotiations with any tendering party

  6. Seek to support tendering parties with any mediation as requested by a user

  7. Work to continuously build a clear, transparent and trustworthy tendering platform

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