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Get to grips with workflow automation: what it is, why it’s important and how your studio could make the most of it.

When you’re so used to being hands on, it can feel out of character to let things take care of themselves.

But your attention should be on designs only you can create, not the paperwork any machine could manage. That’s where workflow automation comes in, taking control of simple and repetitive tasks so you don’t have to.


What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation is the process of setting up everyday tasks to manage themselves.

From recommending builders based on your project needs to sending reminders about approaching deadlines, there’s no end to the kind of tasks that can be automated. And there are all sorts of tools, including ours, which work hand in hand with each other to automate every step of your workflow from start to finish.


How do you automate your workflow with Weaver?

Our online dashboard automates all the tasks that crop up during the tender process.

After you’ve sent us your project details, you’ll automatically match with a shortlist of builders. You’ll be able to see their skills and reviews alongside each other on your dashboard, as well as details of a few of their previous projects. And then you can invite them to complete the tender process with a couple of clicks.

Throughout the tender, we’ll send your builders reminders about upcoming deadlines and incomplete milestones so you won’t have to do any chasing. And you’ll be notified as they share documents, tick off their to-do list and upload their final quote, too. Plus, you can log in to your dashboard at any stage to see what they’ve done and still need to do.

Once all your builders have provided quotes, we’ll automatically generate a detailed analysis report which lays each quote out in a comparable format using the schedule you provided. This will give you an in-depth breakdown in moments, and make it simple for you to compare each builder like for like.

What are the benefits of workflow automation?

  • Get things moving quickly: Fill in a short questionnaire to match with the right builders for the job, and invite them to tender in a couple of clicks.

  • Keep your builders on track: We’ll send them reminders to make sure they meet deadlines and complete their to-do list.

  • Follow your builders’ progress: We’ll let you and other tender stakeholders know when your builders complete tasks, share documents and upload their quote.

  • Get high quality, easy-to-compare quotes: Our tendering system checks the quality of the tender inputs as the builder fills them out.